We merge idea, concept, creativity and need of our clients with adequate information and technology. We ensure acquisition of clients imagination and concepts and try to build the projects that not consists bricks of clients idea but also has a full furnished home of complete timely delivery and satisfactory of service with efficient procedure of optimum communication in every stage of project progress.

We ensure that all our web development and mobile application development projects are not only engineered using the most cutting edge technologies and under consultation of experts, but also they're created with a human-centred design expectations.

Web Hosting

You don't like slow websites. Neither do your visitors. Neither do you for that matter. If your site is slow, your visitors are just going to find a different site to buy from or get their information from. You've worked too hard on your site. After all, your web host has a direct impact on your page load speed, and faster sites have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates all leading to a better bottom line!

While you focus on running your business, we help keep your website up and running through plugin updates, data backups & security. Also get blazing fast website speed with CDN and caching, a staging environment, detailed website analytics, SEO recommendations and other marketing tools to boost your website's online presence.

Go beyond the basics of domain hosting services and supercharge your website with fast loading of site. 



Server Colocation

Why server colocation is essential!

An effective and reliable internet hosting server is essential for your online business. Developing and maintaining a high performance and reliable data centre may not only be time consuming but also an expensive affair. Server colocation offers you the flexibility to operate your hardware in a well secured and professionally managed data centre and still have full control on the functioning of your server. Server Colocation hosting offers you a list of benefits that guarantees online business growth and competitive edge. It also ensures that your cost of operation remains low without compromising on the quality of your data centre needs.

The other benefits include:

• Data centres that are fully redundant to keep your data online.
• Guaranteed stability with 100% uptime

• Easily scalable and reliable data centres
• Different carrier’s options to connect you to your customers flawlessly.
• Secured data centre to ensure the safety of your server and data

Why To Choose Us?

  • Apart from the best of infrastructure for your servers, we give you Exuberant Server Support which most of all, lets you breathe easy.

  • Enthusiastic Colo Teams look after your physical machine minute-by-minute.

  • Your servers, along with ours, are powered and backed up on high-speed redundant infrastructure composed of speedy network and secure storage, giving you the confidence of thinking different for your own business.

  • ESDS's Master Co-location eventually reduces your CAPEX, You're absolutely stress-free now.

  • Get the Remote Control of your co-located machine, through KVM-IP or terminal access.

  • Co-lo the smarter way instead, with ample infra and technology, to host hardware and more.

Server Management

Your business needs your complete focus but managing your server too needs your attention and this probably derails your work many times. So, choose server management services to free your time that you spend on server monitoring, hardening, taking backups, and managing emergencies.

Server management involves a lot of things - backups, updates, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting problems and more. You need to be a specialist or a server surgeon to manage all aspects of your server. Better, gain from the expertise of server experts.

Here we can help you! Business FloatIn Cloud management services help enterprise to scale, respond quickly, meet commitments consistently, utilize assets effectively, and provide visibility across operations. Business FloatIn offers a wide variety of Managed Cloud Services that offer clients guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and robust support from Business FloatIn Cloud services experts

our services cover-

  • Proactive Analysis

  • Regular Software Updates

  • Routine Backups.

  • Uptime Monitoring

  • Downtime Investigation

  • Free Incident KVM


Application Hosting

Application hosting services are cloud-based solutions that enable the virtualization of business applications. By using the cloud, enterprises can fix issues and make updates to their web applications easily. Cloud hosted solutions allow for multiple users to access content from around the world, providing a secure solution that does not rely on soon to be outdated hardware.

There are many different kinds of application hosting services, all of which serve a different purpose. They either directly benefit the user or the enterprise itself:


  • Content management applications. These help enterprises better distribute their content and manage it remotely. They also directly benefit users, who have a better user experience when visiting web applications. Examples might include content management systems, which provide optimized content for users without the enterprise needing to download software.

  • Web development applications. These relate directly to the build of mobile apps and desktop/mobile sites, providing a secure solution with a better user experience.

  • Database applications. These concern the handling of sensitive data and code. Modern-day database applications need to have security considerations as their number one priority due to advancing threats.

  • Email management applications. These can be web-based email management services which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, without having to download software onto a computer.

Server Management Packages