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We understand your every data on your device is essential and you need recover within short time. There is a thought of constant threat in mind, 'what if my data is lost'. We respect the need of time and recovering of every data, so we merge the data recovery process with usage of optimum software and fetch all adequate information you needed.. We ensure acquisition of required data and complete timely delivery and satisfactory of service with efficient procedure of optimum communication in every stage of project progress.

Data Recovery

Data recovery consists of retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged and formatted data from secondary storage devices, removable media, or files. The common causes of data loss are power outages, equipment failures, malfunctions, accidental deletion of data, unintentionally formatting a hard drive, natural disasters, damaged hard drive read/write heads, software crashes, logical errors, firmware corruption, continued use of a computer after signs of failure, physical damage to hard drives, laptop theft, etc.

Data recovery is a rescue to all that problems or stress that you have due lost of essential Data. This technique helps you to recover data from damaged, corrupt and in-accessible devices like memory card, hard disk drives, pen drive, CD/DVD and so on. Data recovery can be sub divided into following major types:

  • Logical Recovery

  • Firmware Corruption

  • Mechanical Failure

  • Encrypted/Password Recovery

  • Overwritten Data Recovery

  • Electronic Recovery

Business FloatIn data recovery team, uses latest tools and techniques for data recovery to recovers data from physical / logical damage. We provide solution for every kind of data loss, dedicated to various types of storage media. We have the experience of having recovered data for many organizations and saved them from data loss considering the fact that data is very crucial asset for any organization. We recover data from physically damaged Hard Drive, SSD’s, Laptop Hard drive, Server Data Recovery, Flash Drive Data recovery, SD card Recovery, Mobile data Recovery etc.

Our expert team will guide and train your employees for remedies from data loss and recommend proper access control rights. Also, extensive training shall be rendered for the purpose of system hardening to prevent any kind of data loss.

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Hard Disk Data Recovery

Firmware failure issues are more complex and need to be dealt with with a different approach. We have expert team with good experience who has worked on various projects all having different causes for data loss and worked within time frame and for various devices. For firmware hard disk data recovery, we need hardware-based programs and tools. The total capacity of any hard drive is divided into the Service area and the User area. These are two important parts of any hard disk. The service area has control over the User area of the hard drive. The user area is an actual space on the drive which allows the user to store the data. The tools used for firmware failure cases allow access to the service area. The creation of bad sectors in the service area is responsible for most firmware related drive failures.

There’s always a possibility of Hard disk failure even after taking all the known precautions. But the loss of data from the hard drive failure is not permanent and hence, is recoverable. We recover data from the following hard drive issues:

  • Damaged HDDs

  • Formatted HDDs

  • Broken HDDs

  • Accidental deletion of data

  • Soaked HDDs

  • Burnt HDDs

  • Virus attack

  • Corrupted HDDs

The hard drive or HDD have different structural and functional forms like desktop, laptop, and external hard drive. An HDD is chosen as per the user’s requirement and the system it is to be used with.

Desktop Data Recovery

In a constantly evolving world, some things have a solid and constant place, just like Desktop Computers. Today we have Laptops and tablets which are portable and lightweight. However, desktop computers have no alternatives in terms of performance, heavy processing, and critical applications. Desktop computers can handle the abundant workload with great speed and large capacities for storage. This is the reason that every server configuration is in Desktop Format with size variations. So when the desktop drive fails, it can be a difficult situation especially if it is in the server configuration. We try and resolve all types of issues with all types of the storage device.

Causes Of Data Loss In Desktop:


Some of the reasons behind data loss which necessitates the need for our services are:

  • Accidental deletion

  • Damaged OS

  • Virus damaged

  • Water Damaged

  • Fire damaged

  • Electrically over-stressed

  • Ticking or clicking damage

  • Damaged head

  • Seized motor

  • Damaged service areas

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Laptop Data Recovery

As we all know Laptop has been a life saviour for all working professionals and students and strengthen its importance for storing, processing, carrying data, it has become an important part of our life. The structure of a Laptop disk was made to withstand fast processing, large storage capacity, and smaller size to fit inside the Laptop casing. As productivity and performance improved because of the enhancements, so did the risk of failure to Laptop Disk.

Cramming large data into small-sized disks may have decreased physical size but chances of data corruption have also gone up. Despite the high chances of data loss, we offer speedy laptop data recovery services to ease your journey of the data recovery process. With an immense amount of personal and professional data stored on it, our laptop is always at risk of loss of significant data.

Types Of Failure In Laptop Hard Disk:

We are certified to hold the much-needed experience for laptop data recovery.

Logical Failure:

  • Laptop Hard disk gets Formatted.

  • Data getting deleted accidentally

  • Hard disk attacked by viruses or ransomware, etc.

  • Hard disk not getting detected

Firmware Failure:

  • Laptop working slow.

  • A laptop keeps on hanging

  • Hard disk not detected by the system.

Physical Failure:

  • Clicking or beeping noise can be heard coming from the hard disk.

  • Hard disk breaks, gets affected by moisture or heat.

  • A motor inside the drive gets seized or doesn’t work at all.

MAC Data Recovery

MAC has emerged as a good competitor to PC over the last decade. For video graphics, creative programs, the security of the system, MAC is always preferred. The preference for Apple products has always been higher compared to its contemporaries due to their unique features. Despite the cost, they have become a status symbol due to their branding, high-class clientele, and their customer service. Considering the increasing preferences for MAC in the market, it is quite obvious that data loss issues will arise too. Hence, we offer MAC data recovery services to help you with these data loss issues.

Data Recovery Services For Mac

The data recovery services that we provide include the following:

  • Recovery of photos, videos, audios, documents, and more.

  • Restoring data from damaged booting Mac.

  • Recover files lost due to USB corruption, or partition loss.

  • Recover data from APFS, HFS, HSF+, ex-FAT and NTFS drive.

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SSD Data Recovery 

Electrical components inside SSD are susceptible to Power surges and sudden power failures. Over the years, data wearing off is also a possibility in SSD. We comply with the fact that the operation of SSD and HDD data recovery is unique, and it is possible to recover data from SSD with the help of special tools and skillset.

At Business FloatIn we maintain a high percentage of overall success rate for SSD data recovery. Our skilled team of engineers always strive to discover innovative solutions to media failure issues. With the use of advanced networks, we can guarantee you security and confidentiality of your data.

We have been recovering data from all the latest SSDs. We have done a lot of research and gained expertise over techniques of data recovery from SSD. This has made possible achieving success in challenging cases like mSATA SSD recovery, MAC SSD data recovery, or M.2 SSD data recovery.

We have special software and free as well as paid versions that help us recover data from all types and brands of SSD. We have expertise in the following:

• Kingston SSD data recovery

• Crucial SSD data recovery

• SanDisk SSD data recovery

• Intel SSD data recovery, and so on.

SSDs are mostly used for installing OS to boot systems faster. The different OS uses SSDs of different form factors and different interfaces. e.g. Windows use PCIe slot or M.2 with AHCI interface whereas, Mac is known to use PCIe, NVMe connection type SSDs, and they are soldered to Motherboard. These differences affect the data recovery too. DataCare Labs has completed, Windows, Linux, Mac SSD data recovery along with another OS installed SSDs.

Memory Card Data Recovery

These tiny and Compact Flash Cards or CF cards are used as storage devices for digital cameras and DSLRs. Most of the precious memories in the form of pictures and videos are believed to be conserved in this small wonder of your digital camera and the moment you find it gone, it becomes the worst nightmare for you! But the days to worry are over now as here in Business FloatIn, we provide you with the best memory card data recovery services.

Reasons For Data Loss In The Memory Card:


Memory cards are small, transportable devices, available in various types. There can be several reasons for data loss in the memory card. They are as follows:

  • Accidental deletion of data

  • Hardware failure

  • Memory card formatting

  • Degradation of NAND chips


Whatever the reason, our team of experts will be at your service and recover data from your memory card in less time.


Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen drives are very common external media storage devices, used for storing and transferring data from one computer to another. Since pen drives are highly portable, they are more prone to data loss.

Business FloatIn provides pen drive data recovery services for deleted, lost, and hidden pen drive data. You can surely rely on our proven and trustworthy services to recover your lost documents, pictures, movies, music files, etc. from your pen drive.

These are the common reasons which might put your pen drive at the risk of data loss:

  • Physical damage due to mishandling.

  • Virus or malware attack.

  • Pulling out of the media without shutting it off.

  • Damage to the media by heat or any liquid.

  • Damage due to electrical surge etc.

  • Natural disasters, earthquakes, flood, etc.

  • Accidental deletion of a file or program

  • Misplacement

CCTV DVR Data Recovery

Security has become an essential and unavoidable factor in this new age. From our house to the workplace, schools, offices, shops, banks, parks, traffic signals, and even highways, security in the form of CCTV cameras has been installed and used for various purposes. For monitoring in house activity, protection from strangers and vandalizers, keeping an eye on suspicious activity, sudden events, and accidents, CCTV has proven to be the best security solution. Due to the importance of the information held by CCTV DVR, it’s a recovery in case of data loss is also of prime importance. Hence, we offer efficient, and cost-effective CCTV-DVR data recovery services.

CCTV Specifications:

CCTV as a unit consists of Cameras, connectors, video monitors, and storage devices along with multiplexers and sensors. CCTV records surveillance videos. They can be directly attached storage (DAS), Storage area network (SAN), or network-attached storage (NAS). Each of them has its advantages and can be chosen as per the client requirement. For DAS, single or multiple HDDs are used for storing video recordings. They cannot be shared directly and have a limited Field of View (FOV). NAS and SAN can store recordings over large distances and FOV coming from multiple cameras. Different interfaces are used as per the storage solution. Multiplexers are used for converting analog and digital back and forth for recording, and monitoring.

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Data Recovery Package