About Us


We are uncovering the expectations of web development and IT services using modern technologies. It was late delivery of project and slow load time of website post delivery, that made our Founder- Neh Rojivadiya curious to learn by self, generating interest to take a look in these era of Online World. So slowly, here we are as Business FloatIn sharing a platform that gives service with a first objective to deliver your projects on defined time frame discussed. 

We at Business FloatIn consider ourselves artists that crafts the idea of a client into a Digital Product and understands application of Customer-friendly product elements is all that our Clients expects. We analyze the Company Growth & Development possibilities and create a Module that is not just user-friendly for Customers & Viewers but also is convenient to Client to track regular activities. Moderation as per growing Market Trend and raising expectations of trouble-free experience is all we constantly work for. 

Business FloatIn is a group of Creative and Dedicated individuals who are passionate to deliver Innovative products every new delivery. They are interested to create something new for each project and wants to challenge themselves with productive, efficient and cost effective solutions that are most importantly also delivered within the time frame. We provide a wide variety of IT & digital services including web design, branding, digital marketing and much more related to Startups, Small, Medium & Large scale businesses. We have separated experts who work for types of Businesses and consult according to their need and requirements. Every Individual from Team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we always put our clients satisfaction first. This is what we believe that sets us apart from the competition– an eye for detail and the best service from the start to the completion of your project and continuous consultation post completion. Quite simply, we offer the most reliable and effective services to any company looking for a whole host of online solutions.

 Our Vision

Connecting Businesses with Customers easily and be a mediator to company to express their objective easily and committed to the development of Business efficiently. 


The Mission

Our mission is to enhance business growth for Clients with creative design, elements, development and modern technology to deliver market defining high quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to Companies & Clients around the globe.

No matter which industry you belong to, every business must become digital. Scope of development becomes 20x after getting it digital.

We strive hard to help organization to transform into Digital based Company. It differentiates you from competitors in the market and provides better engagement with customers, partners and employees.

We clearly understand that all Clients landscapes and Industry are not of same kind. That’s why Business FloatIn sourcing methodology encompasses a clear solution especially crafted to address the client's issues. We offer a phased approach towards your business drivers and help IT organizations to align their goals towards the overall vision of the business.

So, our most focused mission is to  develop in a consistently and become a leading performer in this competitive global marketplace with a Company that truly wins hearts of its Clients through it work and an inspiration of innovation for many. Opportunely, we have been able to gather a team of professionals that can shape and mold their collective experiences, all of them who posses outstanding talent in various field that can help to accelerate your organization.

Our Founder

Let me Introduce myself directly

WelI! That was my Sister's Startup that caught my interest towards IT and understand the vast difference between customer's need, expectations, time boundaries and ofcourse budget of the company. There's where I thought to help her and train myself with all techniques and smart technology and coding behind it. I slowly caught fire coding smartly and observed I am alltime curious to learn things going on in this sector and want myself constantly learn new updates in the industry. That's where I concluded to enter in this Industry with a objective to cover this long difference from the Market, and consult & help as much as I can making it a part of Career.

Somethings more about what admires me to keep going with Technology updates- I love to dig into client's problems and solve them with the highest efficient and user friendly modern technology. I understand, find, search, scale its productivity in future and optimize product portfolios that matter. To accomplish this, I focus on highest Google search, market trend study, customer's highest privacy, key results, build contrasting codes to make life of viewers easy and hackers difficult and avail the objective of client.
I'm particularly proud of my hosting track-record, especially the joy I take in finding and developing quirky website codes in back-end system.
I work in a range of the most complex website acquirement requirements and is making myself more good to be true in server management and guiding in Open source development. I love to work on Magento versions and most web development front-end and back-end systems.
I believe "Trust on technology, and your audiences will turn out trust on your products and services" The only focus is to build long-term mutually beneficial business and open to all business opportunities expect the business objective we have meet up for. I constantly appreciate myself to share my experiences no matter business situations and want the best out of what Clients were expecting earlier- always working for what I can provide to Clients apart from services out of package- out of which Consultation is what I am all-time ready to give.


- Neh Rojivadiya (Patel)

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